Hi! My name is Morgan Palliaer and I'm the creator of HDGC Designs. I live and work from my home in the beautiful country town of Esk in Queensland.

My  handmade clutch designs are a little bit quirky and a little bit different, just like me ;) , but ultimately the country lifestyle is where I draw my inspiration from when creating my designs.

I am passionate about quality and detail and I only produce new designs in small batches to keep the clutches original, interesting and of the best quality.

I have always loved handmade fashion and accessories, particularly clutch bags! At a young age I would watch my beautiful and talented mother create these truely incredible works of art from found objects in nature and from this I quickly developed a love for art and all things creative.

This love of art led me to my studies in Illustration and , strangely enough, a 20 year career in Antique furniture and restoration. I think what drew me to that path was that I really loved and admired the incredible creativity and clever design aspects that went into the old furniture. It was during my career in Antique restoration that I learnt to sew and fell IN LOVE with fabric! I would spend all my free time going through the beautiful off cuts of fabric from chairs we had upholstered for clients and turning them into unique fashion creations!

Today all my attention and love is directed towards my absolute passion - designing & making unique, country themed clutch bags... I seriously LOVE what I do and incredibly grateful and proud to say that it is now my full time career!


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