A handcrafted collection of bags designed & made in Australia.

Recycled Fabric Bags

The following collection features bags crafted from recycled and re-purposed fabrics and leathers sourced from discarded fabric swatches, good quality recycled leather pieces leftover for upholstery work and no longer used furniture and clothing. As a designer I’m always very mindful of the impacts on the environment of work and I am very proud of this collection.

The Somerset Tote Collection

Style, functionality and sustainabilty are the focus of this collection. Featuring recycled and up-cycled fabrics and leathers in the construction of these bags, each bag is unqiue to the next.

The Wivenhoe Clutch Collection

With these unique designs you will be stepping out with style in a one of a kind creation and just like the tote collection, these cluthces also feature recycled materials in their construction.

The focus of the SOS collections is on sustainability and durability in an effort to reduce the impact of fast fashion on our society. I aim to reduce wastage by using recycled and up-cycled fabrics and materials, where possible, and craft my bags in a manner that ensures premium, long-lasting quality.

SOS Wristlets Straps / Key Fobs

A unique handmade wristlet strap crafted from recycled leathers and fabrics. Great replacement or spare bag strap or handy to easily keep track of and store your keys.


The Atkinson Animals Collection 

A playful collection of themed clutch bags with surprising details and designs created to bring out the animal in you.

The Moogerah Collection

A simple and elegant collection of classic designed clutch bags featuring a mix of printed fabrics and vinyl features. These bags are all designed from our medium sized template and make a great grab and go bag for every day use. 

The mini purse collection

Store your keys, cards or personal items in these mini clutches. Throw it in your day bag for quick and easy access to those ‘fiddly’ items that can get easily lost in your bag.

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